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Amman BRT will be the city’s first bus rapid transit system, in which premium; high-capacity buses run on exclusive and completely segregated lanes. The system will include development and design of stops, stations, and passenger information, vehicle specifications. Interchanges and terminals, buses running on a frequency possibly as low as 3 minutes along Amman’s busiest corridors,

The BRT corridors in Amman are not being designed in isolation. Rather, they are being incorporated into an integrated public transport network. For a user to get from their doorstep to their workplace, they may require more than just a BRT ride. This is why an extensive network of feeder services is being designed along with the BRT. Feeders will mostly be buses but may also include smaller vehicles. They are meant to carry users to the nearest BRT stop and will also provide a high-quality and frequent service that will minimize the time people have to sit and wait for the bus and offer a seamless travel experience.
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