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How does it fit within the program?
The development and implementation of the Amman BRT was conceived as part of a comprehensive plan developed by GAM to address the growing mobility problems in a city with a population of more than 2.6 million. The Transport and Mobility Master Plan(TMMP), a 22 month study that established current and future mobility needs identified preferred transport strategies and an action plan which matches the broad goals of the Amman Master Plan, namely sustainability and mobility. One of the main targets established through the plan is to increase public transport mode share from 14% to 40% by the year 2025.
The action plan for enhancing public transport in Amman includes the following elements:
1-Create an effective institutional environment

2- Improve existing public transport services (i.e., for current users). This includes increasing the number of buses (by more than 180 buses in 2011 alone), implementing new specifications for buses (air conditioning, easy entry, electronic payment system), and installing new bus shelters and street furniture.

3- Develop and implement Amman Rapid Transit core network, which consists of Bus Rapid Transit and Rail Transit along key corridors to provide alternative to cars.

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